The workshop “”Delirious”” draws inspiration from the architectural concept proposed by Rem Koolhaas in his book of the same name. Koolhaas envisions New Yo

The Circulatory Garden at VDNKh is a temporary exhibition space created to showcase the cultural and natural diversity of 89 regions of Russia. Designed and implemented in record t

Lightness and monumentality, movement and statics—these elements play pivotal roles in shaping the essence of the Hilltop Wings space. This interplay reflects the dynamic momentu

“Creating the master plan for Ussuriysk, we focused on four key projects: the School, the Neighborhood and Youth Centers, and the Expocentre. Despite their varying functions

Naryan-Mar, a city blending diverse elements, features an architectural dichotomy: a “wooden” zone with historic low-rise buildings and an “industrial” zone

An enduring interior design that avoids replicating historical styles while maintaining a modern appearance. The use of natural materials such as veneer, stone, textured plaster, a

Each of those who work with the tree is the bearer of his knowledge, his experience of discovering secrets, his understanding, his interpretation of the Tree as a “”Sec

This is a lobby project for the G11 business center. Our approach to design is focused on incorporating dynamics. We incorporate elements of interaction within the interior, allowi

The studio school is situated in the heart of London, amidst a neighborhood characterized by compact mid-rise buildings. The architectural structure of the building is composed of