Each of those who work with the tree is the bearer of his knowledge, his experience of discovering secrets, his understanding, his interpretation of the Tree as a “”Sec

This is a lobby project for the G11 business center. Our approach to design is focused on incorporating dynamics. We incorporate elements of interaction within the interior, allowi

The studio school is situated in the heart of London, amidst a neighborhood characterized by compact mid-rise buildings. The architectural structure of the building is composed of

The Dubai Numismatic and Art showroom was created for a Dubai-based manufacturer specializing in bronze and brass sculptures and decor. One of the unique challenges of working with

The competition centered around the theme of public spaces in New Moscow offered us an opportunity to envision an urban environment beyond the city limits and existing typologies.

This object reflects the theme of the BIF 2021 festival manifesto, which is titled “Points Over the I.” The definition of the moment when creative clarity is fully atta

These are residential modules designed for a country hotel near Yaroslavl. It all started with a weekend house intended for the client and their friends. However, the design proved

The Seda is a project falling under the Pathway category, representing a mobile infrastructure facility designed for universal use. This palace serves as a movable shelter, inspire

At the national exhibition Archmoscow 2022, we showcased an installation titled “Hay” on the Young Architects Next platform. This installation was crafted using hay. Th