Each of those who work with the tree is the bearer of his knowledge, his experience of discovering secrets, his understanding, his interpretation of the Tree as a “”Secret Material””. The object “”Archive”” represents a conditional unit of the infinite storage of these secrets. The structure of the pavilion consists of cells, some of which exhibit the architectural experience of the masters, while the other part serves as an open area for self-presentation of all comers.

The cells of the archive are filled with the most unexpected objects created by our friends and fellow architects. Among them are an incredible artifact of Old Russian architecture from Noyd studio, an author’s copy of the book Totan made of 5-centimeter unplanked unplanked pine board and a model of the most soulful and human urban planning project from Gafa. Colleagues created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all those who wanted to join and exhibit their object side by side with renowned bureaus.

The Archive project was created with the support of the MARCH School of Architecture and the Laboratory of Carpentry Design.

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