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Cabanon house

These are residential modules designed for a country hotel near Yaroslavl. It all started with a weekend house intended for the client and their friends. However, the design proved to be successful as a typology, leading to a decision to increase the number of units. This allows for testing their functionality before mass production. Currently, the small village comprises two operational modules with four more being constructed.

The Cabanon modules are situated along a quaint boulevard, forming the residential area of the country hotel. Each module features its own terrace, serving as a private outdoor space for dining and relaxation during the summer. They are constructed using a wooden frame structure. The exterior is clad in wooden boards, while the interior is lined with plywood sheets, serving both as finishing material and as the primary furniture and structural element. Plywood dominates the interior, including the walls, ceiling, window openings, sliding partition, and stairs. Furthermore, all the furniture seamlessly integrates into the interior: the bed is incorporated into the mezzanine ceiling, the desk doubles as a window sill, the kitchen is built into the bathroom niche, and the dining area and bed form a cohesive unit, serving as the focal point of the interior.

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