The competition centered around the theme of public spaces in New Moscow offered us an opportunity to envision an urban environment beyond the city limits and existing typologies. It allowed us to create something truly distinctive from the usual suburban programs and architecture.

At the entrance of the district, where the lake and major transportation routes intersect, we designed a community center that serves as a vital hub. The center serves as a “beacon” and a prominent landmark, standing out from the typical urban typology. The building’s facades feature a juxtaposition of transparent and solid surfaces, with glass-profile and ground metal in blue, along with perforated metal screens.

Adjacent to the community center, nestled along the lake’s shoreline, is a municipal kindergarten. Both sites possess a considerable slope toward the water. While the community center, as the cluster’s beacon, rises above the shore, the kindergarten, which requires privacy, subtly integrates into the terrain. This design approach takes a step towards eliminating the need for fences. The kindergarten building and its surrounding grounds are situated one level below the road, creating a harmonious relationship with the landscape.

Prokshino Community Center Concept Competition Winner
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Code — Nonameproduction