The Seda is a project falling under the Pathway category, representing a mobile infrastructure facility designed for universal use. This palace serves as a movable shelter, inspired by the concept of a palanquin or a portmanteau. However, unlike traditional designs for two individuals, this structure accommodates a group of people.

The lower tier of the palace serves both as a means of transportation, requiring a team of 7-8 individuals to move it, and as a space for picnics under the canopy. On the other hand, the upper tier is designed for contemplation and socializing. It features four hammocks and a decking area that can be utilized as a picnic table or a viewing platform to enjoy elevated views above the surrounding crowd or simply relax amidst the foliage.

The exterior of the structure is enveloped with moisture-resistant fabric flaps, providing the option to close them for shelter during inclement weather or open them to take in the surroundings and feel the summer breeze.

Short-list Signal 2021
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Design — TapTapLab
Code — Nonameproduction