Naryan-Mar, a city blending diverse elements, features an architectural dichotomy: a “wooden” zone with historic low-rise buildings and an “industrial” zone dominated by modern structures. Smidovich Street aims to harmonize these contrasts, preserving the street’s low-rise wooden heritage while introducing contemporary public spaces. The row building recaptures the essence of ancient Naryan-Mar, while standout features like the Neighborhood Center, Crafts Center, and Vyshka complex nod to the “industrial” and “modern” aspects.

The street is shaped by interconnected public spaces—courtyards, squares, and pavilions—creating a cozy wooden town ambiance within a burgeoning urban setting. Considering the regional climate, we strategically placed heating points every 250 meters, expanding pedestrian options and introducing a second street level on the wooden deck.

The project incorporates distinctive architectural forms to enrich the space and serve as focal points. The “Naryan-Mar Gate” signifies the start of the pedestrian zone, drawing inspiration from both the wooden heritage and the nearby religious context. The “Tower,”” concluding the street, serves as a new vantage point and symbol of the future Naryan-Mar. Its “unusual” role as a modern museum of NAO industry provides a vibrant space for young people.

Special prize: Diploma from the Vologda Architecture Department
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